The throne room is a large cave room, illuminated by torches and decorated with animal skulls and red carpets.

Environment Edit

The 5 meter tall room is illuminated by torches, and decorated with animal skulls and red carpets. Goblins are playing ritualistic drums while Xzar sacrifices a prisoner tied to a wooden cross. Xzar tears the right eye and the heart out of the prisoner to praise Gruumsh, letting everyone in the cave hear his last scream.

Rex is watching the rituals from a distance, sitting in his smaller throne chair next to Xzar's. A chest is placed next to the throne, containing a jar with Igosji salve (See goblin shaman) and a spellbook from Adena.

Xzar holds the key to the treasury.

Encounter Edit

The throne room is defended by 2 ogres, 6 goblins and 2 shamans(Xzar and Rex). Rex tries to betray Xzar if he sees that doing so would leave both parties weakened and let him ally the enemies of the Diremaw.