The entrance to the Rattling Caverns lies in the bottom of a 10 meter deep and 200 meters long ground crack, and is a 5 meter wide and tall hole in the north face of the rock sheets.

Environment Edit

Simple constructs of rafts and animal hide provides cover for the rain and several crates of dried foods and weapon racks are laying around outside the cave. Inside the slate rock cave, is a large room decorated with dream catchers, blood markings on the ground, and carpets woven of human skin. An animal is hanging from a rope attached to the roof of the cave has gotten its throat sliced and is dripping blood into a clay jar.

Encounter Edit

The entrance is guarded by goblins and Ogres of the Diremaw tribe. In the night, the entrance is guarded by four goblins and a sleeping Ogre. The goblins either plays knife game at a table in front of the entrance, patrols the crack or hide close to the entrance with crossbows. If the goblins sniffs approaching enemies, they immediately wake the ogre and alarms the tribe with a large bronze gong. The sound of the gong triggers 2 ogres, 5 goblins and a goblin shaman to the entrance.

Exits Edit

The cave room has four exits.

  • To the Zealenor Forest, through the main entrance.
  • To the part of the cave system known as Arachnia's Lair. This narrow exit to the right is sealed off with wooden planks and slate rock. Clear markings in blood indicate that this exit should be kept sealed off.
  • To a small chamber were naughty goblins are chained to the wall and blinded.
  • To the Prisoner's pit through the tunnel.
  • To the shaft through the tunnel.