Quill's home is an apartment in a two story building located in Targos. It consists of a living room with furniture, a small bed and caged animals, as well as a basement. The placement of the furniture in the living room is chaotic, and the place is very dirty. A large viper lurks under one of the couches, awaiting Quill's whispers. The basement looks like a small research lab filled with vials and cages, some of them containing small monkeys, scorpions and birds, many of them in bad condition. Some of the vials contain bacteria or vira, some are antidotes, and, and some are poison. Quill's most precious items are hidden in wooden crates, and consists of approximately a thousand gold pieces, a paper documenting the ownership of his home, an additional key to the front door and a sword of arcane mithril.

Under the floor planks of the basement lies an entrance to a tunnel, leading south out of Targos. The tunnel is approximately 300 meters, leading to the pissoir of a nearby farm. The tunnel is round and has a height of 2 meters. Quill has a viper lurking by, making sure no one passes by without the approval of Quill. Pieces of old snake skin is left on the floor of the tunnel.