Prisoner's pit is a 5 meter deep hole in slate rock in the Rattling Caverns, used to trap prisoners of the Diremaw tribe.

Environment Edit

The walls of the cave room are painted by blood trails, and a wooden ladder lies in front of the pit. Besides the pit is a bench with equipment used to strap a humanoid in place. Skinning knives and sharpening tools are placed on an adjacent weapon rack. This place is usually covered in darkness, as the fire pot is only lit when the Diremaw is operating its skinning facility.

Encounter Edit

When the prisoners hear someone approaching, they react differently depending on how they assert the situation. If they assume it is enemies of the Diremaw, they scream for help and act egoistically towards the other prisoners. When the Diremaw approaches, they just keep silent or cry.

Their are five prisoners, Denja Tinster and two merchants from Greygull. They have almost no cloth and they are severely injured and fatigued from skinning, loss of blood and hunger. The merchants were planning to sell false amethyst in Targos, but were caught by some goblins when camping in the jungle at night. Denja was hired by Avenor Hithelskin to find the entrance to Adena, but was caught before getting back to Targos.